Board of Directors

Hospice of Chattanooga is a not-for-profit organization, owned by the communities we serve. As such, our governing body, called the Board of Directors, is made up of area citizens who have agreed to terms of service as a vote on the direction and operation of Hospice of Chattanooga.  All who serve do so in a community volunteer capacity, meaning they do not receive any pay for the travel or their time commitment to the board. All members of the operating board are also assigned to one of several subcommittees of the board that oversee areas such as finance, compliance, nominations and operations.

We are grateful to the wonderful people of this area who have stepped up the calling of serving on the Hospice of Chattanooga board of directors.

Carol Newton, Board Chair

Dawn Abel

Daisy Maurya Ballard

Shirleen Chase, Ph.D, R.N.

Mukta Panda, MD

Dana Perry

Helen Pinkerton, M.P.H

Sister Judy Raley

Bill Stiles

Britton Tabor

Bill Wilder, CPCU

Tracy Wood - President/CEO


Jim Catanzaro