Pediatric Care

Hospice of Chattanooga is the only agency serving East Tennessee and North Georgia with an entire program dedicated to serving children with both cancer and non-cancer diagnoses. Our pediatric program was established more than a decade ago and has become a leader in pediatric hospice care. The pediatric program of Hospice of Chattanooga meets a wide range of medical, emotional, and spiritual needs and strives to improve the quality of life for both the child and the family. 

The pediatric care program at Hospice of Chattanooga transitions the child into the home setting after extensive critical care in a hospital. Children continue to receive their prescribed medical treatment with a focus on relieving symptoms and managing pain. Hospice of Chattanooga's pediatric team works diligently to help parents navigate the healthcare system. We guide families through decision making during this difficult time, while also maximizing social service support from the community. Hospice of Chattanooga's pediatric hospice services are provided to all families in need, even if the child's insurer will not cover the cost of our care. We never turn a child facing a life-limiting illness away from our services.

Hospice of Chattanooga's pediatric program is appropriate when a child has a life expectancy of months, rather than years. Families often choose our pediatric hospice program when traditional treatment methods are no longer effective and hospital stays are increasingly frequent. A Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order is not required for this type of care.